Stéphanie Dubernard multidisciplinary designer
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Kid chair Zlamp coffee table chopstick lamp transition
taken by David Nathan

may 2009

Transition is a show exposing artworks from graduating design students from Concordia University. It was held at gallery push during Portes Ouvertes Design Montreal 2009 and it lasted one week. I was in charge of the 3d design. My main concern was to keep the visual aesthetics in concordance with the graphics'. I used the white on white theme from the catalogue's cover by making white podiums and using white shelves as well as using a white "Transition" vinyl on the wall. I also played with the grey of the font by placing some silver shelves and rare earth magnets to hold the posters. The challenge was to find a way to put together the posters without damaging the paper by the artists' request and the magnets ended up being a great solution.

I could not have been able to do this all by myself so I have to thank especially Dave Manno, Jason Timbol and Cindy Jessurum for their great help as the rest of the team and to the rest of the people that made Transition possible.